Saturday, October 11, 2014

Birthday Party

Dang!! Haven't updated my blog in 4eva!!!
Well here is what we have been up to. If anyone is still reading this.

August 29th was me and Anna's birthday, we turned 15!!!

The theme was Hello Kitty/Mustache. Anna chose Hello Kitty cause I do not like Hello Kitty.And I chose the Mustache.
Next we took some pictures. 5 years ago till now. Starting from the left: Rachel,Annabel,Lucy,Abigail, and Sarah. Love Lucy's blond curly hair.
10 years later...

Blowing out Candles.

Starting the fire

We also played a scavenger hunt.My team won!!!

We have also been busy with revival,church,school, and other thing.

And also...

The fun of having Big Sister being able to shave little brothers heads.
Bungy wanted his hair like and old man. LOL

Before Haircut

Mid-way through the haircut.


He is such a weirdo!!!

Well that is it for today. I will post the other two later.

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  1. Awesomeness!
    That was a wonderful party by the way!!!
    I know this comment is so so late, but I have not really thought about blogs in general til now haa!
    Great haircut!