Monday, January 6, 2014


I have always wanted braces since I was 10.I am 14 now and today I finally got braces.My braces are Teal and Black.I go back to the orthodontist Feburary 24th to get my botton braces where the orthodontist will band my bottom and top braces.I will also get to change my braces color.Not sure what color to do them.Please comment if you have any idea what color to get them.

Here is what i got in the little bag they gave me.
                          Floss threaders-A loop of something similar to fishing line that you tie floss to and you out it inbetween you braces so it makes it easier to floss.
                     Gum Rincinol-A liquid used to                                   take away pain.
                         Tooth Brush
                 Tooth brush to put in backpack
                  Dental Mirror- mini mirror used to 
                  look under my braces so i can clean                          them.     
               Wax-used it the brackets of my braces are                    rubbing against my upper lip.
                      Mini brush-used to clean in                                between each bracket of my braces
                              Dental Floss

Will keep updating about them


  1. Aaaarrrghhh I am sooo... jealous!! LOL

  2. I am thinking about getting baby blue because we have a wedding coming up which is the color of the wedding

  3. You didn't tell me you were getting married????!!!

  4. OMG... LOL... I LOVE YOUR BRACES!!!! I might need to get them, but my dentist says it's not urgent... I really miss you!!!
    -Maddy (Madelynn)