Saturday, September 22, 2012

Las Cruses

So today we went to Ls Cruses it was so fun.First we went to a thrift store called Savers that place was all right it was pretty expensive $10.00 for a shirt.Second we went to Factory 2-U didn't really find anything there then we went to Ross didn't find anything the stores are like empty.Mom was still looking at Ross while the rest of us went to Big 5 i got some pretty cool running shoes there.We went to this  store called Knives and Edges but they were closed.So we went to the mall and ate.After we went to Attractions I got 2 things of mascara,4 things of nail polish(different colors),and a diamond ring.After that we went to Sam's got some fun snacks to last a few weeks..LOL.Then we went to the Knives and Edges place again but the couldn't sharpen my brothers sword so we went to the Dollar Tree i got some gum and Sunflower seeds.Then we went home sat down for a little bit then we went to Chili's then went to go pick up D,W,and J they spent the day at a friends house.
Well gotta go,