Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's for Dinner?Look At My New Glasses!!!

Hey Everybody!!!
Its day 2 and today I'm going to show you whats for dinner.
Today for dinner I am having Calzones.The Calzones have pepperoni,Italian Sausage,and Ricotta cheese. 

 Yum!!!Just look at those yummy things.The outside is dough.Just look at them the stuff has oozed out of the Cal zone and is sizzling!!!

 On Friday my wonderful brother took me and my other brother and my sister to Las Cruses.At Las Cruses we got my new glasses and went to a few stores and went to Mc Donald's for lunch.As you can see on the side of my glasses it looks like stained glass windows but in plastic.
OK...here's the front of my glasses.they are just plain black except for on the sides.I was really excited to get the glasses.The eye doctor had to adjust the side of the glasses.I think they are really pretty.


  1. Yum those were goooood!!! Nice glasses sista!!! lol

  2. those look yummy:) and nice glasses girly!! bet they look amazing on ya:)