Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Dogs New Haircut!!!

Hey everybody its day 3...
Here are a couple of pictures of my dog Boo.

Boo is 7 years old in dog years and is 49 years old in dog years old in human years...yep...shes pretty old for a dog well i think she is.She sure is awfully cute isnt she?

Here she is waiting to go inside...look at those huge eyes.I'm not used to seein her eyes. lets change the subject.
FOOTY PAJAMAS!!!I know its been a while since christmas but i decided to go back into the past.My sister gave me these footy pajamas for christmas and i screamed i was so excited because she put them in a shoe box so when i opened the wrapping paper it was a shoe box.I wanted shoes so im like ''cool'' you got me some shoes''i was pretty excied and my sister excitingly said  "no''.And i opened it ran into my room and put on the  pajamas.We opened our presents on christmas eve 'cause we had church the next morning.
Time to change the subject
My sister and i are listening to a story called The Hunger Games.We are on disc 7 and enjoying it.I'm not gong to tell you about it.You have to read it or listen to it.I'm mean arent I???

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