Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Games,Me,And The Dog Boo...

Hey everybody it day 6(i believe)...
Here's a game my moms friend got us for Christmas.It is a really fun game...let's say that you got a word that said whale,you would have to describe the word using the words that are there it's really fun

In this picture i was trying not to laugh when my sister was tickling me while trying to take a picture.It looks like I'm sick doesn't it?I blew it and did laugh...i guess my face looks pretty funny...LOL

My dog Boo smells something really good  on the shed.Probably because the people who lived here before had 3 dogs...


  1. Orrrr...that's what happens when you eat FIVE BOWLS OF TOP RAMEN!!!!

  2. Funny picture. You kinda look sick but you also look kinda mad. You 2 are so funny! It's hard to take pictures of your dog sometimes, they move around so much! -Colleen