Monday, February 6, 2012

The First Time Creating a Blog

Hey Everybody...
This is my first time doing a blog and i am so excited.Today i got done with school at 10:30.After school i read for about 5 minutes then my brother(Gabriel)came out and asked me to help him score his Grammar.To be honest i wasn't up for it but i said sure.After that i read for about 25 minutes then scored my brothers Daily Grammar.Then my other brother(Eric)went up to Cloudcroft and worked on the mayors building.Then i ate lunch.After i ate lunch i went to the library and check my email and listened to Rolling  in the Deep preformed by untold stories.then i went home and my mom was going to a friends house to get some curriculum books so she said that she would drop me off at the library because i didn't want to be alone.Then we went shopping for some stuff and saw our pastors wife and her daughter.So here so excited to create a new blog.


  1. What a fantastic blog, I am looking forward to hearing everything about you here!
    You can stay up til 9:30, then listen to Hunger Games til 10:30.
    I love you

  2. Well...what did you have for lunch? Pretty cool girl!

  3. Wow he works and gets paid??? lol

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  5. ur such a cutie miss abby:) its good to know you had a good day love:) im soo lookin forward to readin all ur posts have a good night lovely lil lady:)

  6. Nice blog Abby.Anna told me about here blog and I found yours have fun!Write u later:)
    Ur freind Alyssa

  7. Awe ur dog is soo cute. Can't wait for ur next post :)